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If your car is in need of repair, look no further than Kamson Mechanical Services! Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle repairs spanning from the engine and gearbox to the electrics, chassis, body, and even windows.

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As vehicles evolve, their technical demands increase, presenting new challenges. Modern engine management systems now autonomously regulate fuel injection, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

At Kamson Mechanical Services, we're equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and expert knowledge to maintain your vehicle's performance.

Our system specialists meticulously inspect your vehicle to ensure it remains in peak condition. Should issues arise, rest assured, our team is adept at efficient and cost-effective repairs. With the growing integration of electronics in vehicles, precise diagnostics are essential. Even routine maintenance tasks require ECU diagnostics.

With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and skilled specialists, we offer comprehensive testing and repair services for all your vehicle's systems. In our customer-oriented workshop, service, guidance, and transparency are core values. Whether your vehicle requires repairs due to accidents, wear and tear, or product defects, we provide detailed assessments, clear recommendations, and transparent cost estimates.

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Brake Pad Replacement

And Brake Repair

And when do brake pads have to be replaced?

The frequency of brake pad replacement varies based on driving habits and usage. High-mileage drivers should replace pads more often than occasional drivers. Experts advise checking brake linings twice annually. If brake discs require replacement, it's recommended to replace brake pads as well, even if not worn out yet. Neglecting brake pad changes can lead to diminished braking performance, noise, and accelerated wear. Brake pads are typically replaced axle-wise to ensure even distribution of braking force between wheels, enhancing road safety.

Why Do I Have To Have The Brake Pads Changed?

Unlike brake discs, brake pads are primarily composed of a much softer material. Positioned on a steel carrier plate, they prevent the high-friction wear caused by steel-on-steel contact. Brake pads, also referred to as brake linings, endure the most stress during each braking action and consequently wear out more quickly. As a result, they require more frequent replacement.

How Often Do The Brake Pads Have To Be Changed?

The frequency of brake pad replacement varies, influenced by factors such as mileage, driving habits, and vehicle model. Typically, checking brake pads once or twice yearly, such as during inspections or tire changes, is advisable. Your specialist will advise when replacement is necessary. Regular brake checks are essential, as worn or stuck brake pads can severely compromise braking performance, potentially leading to brake failure.

Maintaining a functioning braking system is crucial for road safety, ensuring your ability to rely on your brakes when needed. A defective brake significantly elevates the risk of accidents, making regular inspections of brake discs and pads imperative for swift and dependable braking in critical moments.

Different components of the braking system deteriorate at varying rates, meaning not all elements require simultaneous replacement. Once the wear limit is reached, it's essential to replace brake pads on each axle. Many modern vehicles feature wear indicators on brake pads. Mechanically-operated indicators employ a metal pin that contacts the brake disc upon reaching the wear limit.

Should you notice a screeching noise during braking, it's advisable to visit the nearest workshop promptly for a thorough brake inspection. While such noises may not always indicate worn surfaces, they could signal improper assembly.

In such cases, consulting a specialist for a brake system check is recommended, and replacement of brake discs and pads may be necessary if deemed appropriate. Electronic wear indicators typically illuminate a dashboard warning light when the covering has worn off.

Car Air Conditioning Repairs, Service And Regas

Proper maintenance of your vehicle's air conditioning system is crucial for optimal performance, especially during hot summer months.

Regular servicing and disinfection in a competent workshop prevent unpleasant odours and ensure efficient cooling. Our service package includes coolant and lubricant checks to prevent premature wear and potential system failures.

Annual cleaning and disinfection in a workshop prevent dirt buildup, fungi, and bacteria, improving air quality and protecting against health issues.

Neglecting maintenance can result in bad odours, fogged windows, and high interior temperatures, indicating potential system malfunctions such as coolant loss or clogged lines.

Annual maintenance includes refrigerant replacement and leak testing to safeguard the compressor, prevent repairs, and enhance energy efficiency.

Car Warning Light Checks

When a warning light appears on your car dashboard, it often signals underlying issues that may require attention and incur expenses. In such instances, it's advisable to have it examined by professionals at our workshop.

Here are some common warning lights to be aware of:

Oil Pressure

LightTire Pressure Warning Light

Engine Temperature Warning

Traction Control Light

Anti-lock Brake Warning Light

Traction Control Malfunction

Engine Warning

Battery Alert

Low Fuel Indicator

Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator

Airbag Indicator

Security LightFog Lamp Indicator

Washer Fluid Indicator

We're here to assist you in diagnosing and resolving any issues indicated by these warning lights.